Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Wishes For Ted Kennedy And Family

Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. I have seen too many loved ones that suffered from cancer and feel sympathy not only for Senator Kennedy, but for his family as well.

Unfortunately, when things like this happen, there are some that cannot get past their hatred, and have to kick a person when their done. Jay Bullock at folkbum points out a couple of examples of people's vitriol. Here is another. To be fair though, it should be emphasized that both Patrick Dorwin and Dad29 did put up respectful posts, as did my friend Bill.

Talk radio again shows itself to be full of classless idiots, as evidenced by Michael Savage, which is proudly aired by WTMJ-620 AM.

Politics can be a dirty business, but there should be limits for everyone on how far they will go.

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  1. Well, when they posted the news over at Wonkette, it only took about 45 minutes for the first Mary Jo Kopechne comment to show up. But, y'know, it's only libruls who are angry and incivil.

    Whatever personal flaws he has and sins he's committed, Ted Kennedy has spent over 40 years fiercely fighting for those less fortunate than himself. We will be a lesser country without him.