Sunday, May 4, 2008

Caress the Thought

mal contends over at Folkbum points out what a huge bigot (literally and figuratively) Rev. (sic) John Hagee is, especially towards Catholics.

Spin this all you want. Unless you are a one-dimensional hick or just trying desperately to smear something on Barack Obama, John McCain purposely pursued the endorsement of this incredible hulk in order to get himself in solid with the "religious"whackos that serve as spark plugs for the GOP.

As for Obama and Rev. Wright, only the most immature among us who didn't spend second at Trinity UCC could make the claim that these tirades took place Sunday after Sunday. Pleas grow up.

Someone who fails to notice the enormity of Hagee's hatred towards Catholics is Charlie Sykes, unless he has done it in private.

But he does have amenity towards comedian Bill Maher.

Charlie as some of you know, is a wine experts and he expertly whines that American TV will be sponsoring Bill Maher's Milwaukee appearance in July. He gives the h/t to Jolly John McAdams over at the school that has that Golden Eagles basketball team.

That of course emits a whiff of boycott, maybe of American TV. You know the line. "You have meddled with the universe and"

But when I was at his last performance Maher had a few Republicans in the audience. Chances are Charlie can pout all he wants, but Maher's appearance in this election year will be a sellout.

We liberals crave darts expertly aimed at the heart of the GOP.

But if American really wants to sponsor something, how about a debate between Sykes and Maher rather than just stand up.

Savor the event. Maher is whip smart and all Sykes can do is spout mindless cliches.

What do you say Charlie? Some of your sheep tell me you are quick with a joke, especially when it comes at the expense of poor people, minorities and people who want generate some fairness in Milwaukee.

Let's see what you can do once you get away from your fawning audience. It would be a great way for you to test your skill against a real wit, and fine entertainment for the rest of us.

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