Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Tolerant Right

Our very own Xoff sent a letter to the editor at the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal. Surprisingly, they published it:
Withdraw from Iraq

What is it that George Bush and John McCain fear about setting a timeline and getting U.S. troops out of Iraq - that we will have blood on our hands?

We already do. Four thousand Americans dead, 30,000 more wounded. Countless thousands of lives permanently shattered. Perhaps a million Iraqis dead; we don't even try to count. Four million others forced to flee their homes.

There will be no "victory" in Iraq. Withdrawing our troops will be a victory for sanity and rational behavior and a defeat for aggression justified by lies.

Yes, we need a timeline for getting out of Iraq - and the shorter the better.

Bill Christofferson

Unfortunately, Bill had a less than warm reception from some of those on the right. He tells us the story here.

But remember, it's the left that is full of hate, or so we're told.

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