Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Hard Pill To Swallow

I thought I was kidding when I posted this earlier in the year. But a tip from DairyStateMom makes me think I was closer to the truth than I thought.

She points out to me to, which tells of a new campaign to be launched this June 7th by the American Life League, along with Pro-Life Wisconsin and Pharmacists for Life International Associate groups. This campaign is not to just ban Plan B, but to ban all birth control medication.

They apparently believe that preventing a child is the same as killing the child. Next they will be going after condoms.

And it's not just for single people either. They don't want married people to have the option of how many kids they want or can support, or if they want to have some space between children. Nope, you gotta keep popping 'em out.

Among some of their favorite targets is also Planned Parenthood. Can't have any of that educating going on now, can we?

But if the goals of total control of your life by these people gets you upset, Cristina Page shows us a happier way to look at it:
And before you despair that your right to privacy is being lost, take comfort in the knowledge that once we all finally live in a country where ideology is valued over evidence and our government is run by and for those who subscribe, or succumb, to the exciting agenda of these groups...privacy will no longer be needed. Your point of view and way of life will, conveniently, be decided for you. So what are you waiting for?! Sign up now!

On a side note, I think the Perfessor would approve of this group, or at least feel some simpatico for them.


  1. The diagnosis ofd this bad medicine group is easy. They are against all sex what so ever out side of marriage, It's for procreation only.

    That's their tribal belief, and that's what they want for all of the country.

    Let's see. The right wing wants to not give us access to low cost health care, they want to send our jobs overseas and make sure those that remain are low paying, they want to keep us under surveillance. Now they want to make us sexually repressed like they are.

    No wonder there is stress in the USA.

  2. kr

    if you think the right wing politicians are sexually repressed you have not been paying attention

    they want to make others sexually repressed while they diddle whomever whenever and even wherever

  3. Interesting that this post would inspire comments about the sexually repressed.

    This is the first time I ever heard of a pro-life group being against birth control. It's always the extremes on both sides that cause the road blocks in our progress as a country. I would think that everyone (even Whallah! writers and readers) would recognize this group doesn't represent all right wingers.

  4. Actually, the original pro-life groups were opposed to any sort of birth control (can you tell how old I am?) I remember "the pill" being blamed for all sexual promiscuity.
    Pro-life groups have their foundation in increasing the population as if were part of the big 10 orders from God. They are pro-sex, within marriage, because you should always be striving to make more people.
    The anti-abortion groups were originally funded by the anti-birth control groups. In 1972 in Wisconsin you couldn't have an abortion unless you went in front of a judge and pleaded your case. From there the backlash against anti-abortion groups sprung. It's also when Nixon said women getting equal pay for equal work would damage the traditional family.
    I'm always fascinated by how much these people are concerned primarily about the behavior of women and not men. The fear being that if women could support themselves financially and control their reproduction they would not have to rely on men if we ever did in the first place.
    And, people used to wonder why I seemed like an angry young woman in 72?

  5. "I'm always fascinated by how much these people are concerned primarily about the behavior of women and not men." will get no argument out of me with that statement. That same sort of skewed "concern" seems to have been what inspired this blog.

  6. I'm entirely prepared to believe that the American Life League doesn't represent all people on the right (just as no single group represents all people on the left).

    What I think gets missed in many discussions, and the reason I highlighted the story to Capper, is how deeply repressive ALL and other pro-life groups really are.

    If the various bellowing heads on the right are truly small-c conservatives -- small government, small taxes, hands off private behavior -- it strikes me that they ought to be leading the charge against ALL and its ilk, and calling them out as not pro-life, but anti-family.

    Needless to say, I don't think that's going to happen.

  7. DairyStateMom...

    Why do you feel the conservatives need to be calling them out? I think their (ALL) stance on this issue speaks for itself.