Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What next?

Jim Doyle for Rogaine?

I posted this on Uppity Wisconsin, but it occurs to me it might be a better fit with the Whallah crew, for obvious reasons. (You are perverse enough, perhaps, to appreciate it.) Please have at it:

So Brett Favre is a spokesman for Remington, to tell us that shooting is a lot of fun.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is a spokesman for Valvoline, telling us to be careful out there, or something.

Where does it end?

We've already seen Bob Dole pitching Viagra.

John McCain for Poligrip?

Alberta Darling for Botox?

Jim Sensenbrenner for

Charlie Sykes for Suave Max Hold?

Roger Breske for Budweiser?

Hillary Clinton for Testarol?

Nominations welcome. The meaner the better, obviously.


  1. Paul Bucher for Hubsch Law Offices

    Jessica McBride for TMJ620

    Mark Belling for Beano

    Kevin Fischer for AA

  2. Nope, nope, nope.

    Jim Doyle for Head-On.

    Mark Block and Kevin Fischer for Men's Wearhouse- Two empty suits for $99.99

    Mike Huebsch for Milwaukee Power Tools' Chain Saws- If you're going to the woodshed, anyway.

    Jim Doyle for Eberhard Faber erasers

    Charlie Sykes for Andersen Windows- You can see right through 'em. Every time.

    Chuck Norris for whatever he wants you to buy.

  3. Scott Walker For Hula-Hoops

  4. John McCain for LifeAlert - "I have fallen and I can't get up!"

    George Bush for Southwest Airlines - "wanna get away?"

  5. Herb Kohl for Disappearing Dust.

    Gwen Moore for Even MORE Frequent Flyer (International Divison) Awards.