Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Whallah Sighting!

It's catching on everywhere. Fox Head is trying to explain why my 104-year-old Grandmother should be willing to spend "just a few hours" to get a new ID so she can vote when it happens.

See if you can find it.
An id is not that hard to obtain, it requires a simple trip to your local
DMV office, fill out an application, and pay a small fee. And Walla, you have an id. I just cannot see how anyone can be
disenfranchised by that event. How anyone would have a problem with obtaining a little piece of plastic with your picture and name and address.

Now I hope that he's talking about getting an ID so you can vote and not getting an id so you can, well, you know. That would be just a little icky at the polling place.

Editor's note: "Walla, you have an id," just might be my new favorite phrase.

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  1. I dunno, I'm torn: in some cases it might be useful to have an ID for the id. That way, if one starts running wild, you could track it back to its owner and hold 'em responsible.