Friday, May 2, 2008

It Is Indeed Encouraging News

McIlheran does a Whallah! on himself, without even realizing it. He writes of a visit by David Horowitz, some right wing nut and supposed journalist. (Sidenote: Why do all right wing nuts seem to be so-called journalists? That is insulting to the real ones, I'm sure.)

PaddyMac writes (emphasis mine):
The encouraging part is this, and you'll see it about two-thirds of the way through: "University officials ordered metal detectors and a security force of a more than dozen burly officers and staffers for the event. I didn’t count how many individuals had to be ejected during my remarks but there were many," he writes.

Why is that encouraging, you may ask? Because it shows there is a growing number of people that see through the lies of the righties. It also shows that there is growing discontent with the way that things are going in this country, and that more and more people are ready to correct the course we are on.

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