Saturday, May 31, 2008

James "Dan Quayle" Harris

Like a broken record, some conservatives get stuck in a rut and can't move on.

Sixteen years ago, we saw Dan Quayle try to campaign against a TV character, Murphy Brown. He was widely ridiculed for it.

Now, in 2008, we have Milwaukee's own version of Dan Quayle, James T.:

In Superman Returns, the man of steel returns after a sabbatical to discover that Lois is a mother, and she has a son. His son...nice.

Now with the latest edition of the Indy saga, we find out our hero, the professor, the action archeologist, ran out on his pregnant girlfriend . . . left her at the altar. This time, the sidekick is his son.

Life is already messy. Why must our movie heroes reflect the culture?


I guess it’s the Culture, Stupid!

No, James, it's a movie. And furhermore, look around and clean up around yourself, before getting on the soapbox on how dirty the other side of the table is.


  1. But you failed to point out he misspelled "archaeologist". :/

  2. If James needs pepper spray to walk through his neighborhood in Sherman Park, then he's not much of a "manly man."

  3. Great. Now thanks to Indy, kids in the inner city are going to become "archaeologists" so they can get girls pregnant.