Monday, May 19, 2008

Why Not Wally World?

Last week, I pointed out that McIlheran had a hard time understanding why people might not want a Wal-Mart invading their city or town. This is, of course, despite the fact that many towns and cities around the state and the country have fought off a Wal-Mart coming to their area, or that there is a plethora of sites listing why people might not want to tarnish their communities.

Locally, two bloggers raise the argument.

Greg Kowalski, at his site, Metro Milwaukee Development News, offers why Mayor McCue was correct in taking a strong stand, despite some blowhards threatening a recall. I can see it now. "We want to recall Mayor Ryan McCue because he has high expectations for our city, and we just can't have any of that!"

John Michlig, at Sprawled Out, presents the latest in a series of posts on why Wally World is a less than ideal corporate citizen. This time, he highlights how Wal-Mart actually is a burden to taxpayers, not just in Wisconsin, but in many states, due to their trying to get by on the cheap.

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