Friday, May 2, 2008

He Might Have A Point

McIlheran wrote that the "last time America screwed an ally, bad things happened:

So when the Communists launched a post-Americans attack on South Vietnam, Congress did nothing but yank out the rug. Some 65,000 South Vietnamese were murdered by the invading northerners, some 250,000 died in re-education camps, uncounted thousands more died trying to flee by sea, and the slaughter in Cambodia, with a toll in the millions, became a byword for genocide. This was the result of Congress' domestic politics.

And, Herman notes, the North's victory encouraged Marxist regimes in Africa, the Americas and Afghanistan. It also convinced the Ayatollah Khomeini that America would do nothing to stop him from imposing theocracy on Iran. We're paying the price for that yet.

For the unfamiliar, McIlheran tends to forgive Republicans everything and Democrats, nothing. Even if it's the Republicans fault. Which made me think of two friendships that the Reagan administration made, and the results of when they screwed them over:

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