Monday, May 5, 2008

Oooh! Fun Stuff!

It's not the prospect of yet another third person presser from state Rep Don Pridemore that's got me almost giddy.

It's not the sniping match between WRTL, Pridemore and Ms Whallah herself.

What's got me all up in the air is the subliminal byline on the op-ed piece. Does GMToday know something we should all know?


  1. "Done" is indeed an interesting twist!

    Why is he slapping McBride around? I thought it was a bad idea for an elected to whack on anyone from the same side.

  2. McBride Continues Irrational Crusade: Former reporter and right-wing radio host Jessica McBride, never known for her deep sensitivity—she was one of the few hardhearted souls who mocked Parkinson’s-afflicted Michael J. Fox—is continuing her irrational crusade against illegal immigrants. But this time she’s using her UW- Milwaukee students as her trusty assistants.

    McBride has been bashing immigrants for years now, knowing that she can inflame both sides of the political spectrum with her over-the-top attacks. First she used her blog. Then she was going to research illegal immigrants in the corrections system for the conservative Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. Just after she announced her project, her husband, former Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher, started quoting stats on the very same topic during his failed campaign for state attorney general. Cory Liebmann, then blogging independently, pointed out the coincidence, and McBride dropped her project. Bucher lost in the primary to J.B. Van Hollen.

    But the crusading McBride hasn’t given up on her misguided dream of demonizing immigrants—she’s just using her students at a public, state-funded university to advance her agenda. This past week, Frontpage Milwaukee, an online student publication, published an investigative piece on illegal immigrants in the corrections system. The paper’s faculty supervisor is—you guessed it—Jessica McBride.

  3. Did Bucher really write an email like this????

    Maybe this has something to do with McBride going into hibernation.

    Great catch Grumps!

    You may want to include in your pillow talk with Paul a question on the e-mails he sends out. I have a dandy one he sent me if you’d like to read it. The last line reads,

    “You need real competition in the fall. Let’s see if we can arrange that.”

    How would you interpret that? Is Paul still upset I endorsed J.B. Van Hollen for attorney general over him? Paul never even asked for my endorsement.

  4. "If he was going to stay in non public lawyering he would have gone to a large firm and picked a specialty that would make more bucks”

    Waaaaay off the mark here. Bucher floated his resume through all the big law firms in Milwaukee when he decided to leave office and no one wanted him. (What cash-paying clients would he attract?) The fact that he ended up practicing with a flim-flam ambulance chaser like Jim Gatzke should tell you something.

    Also consider this: For years Bucher was the law-and-order zealot, locking up criminals. Now he earns his filthy lucre defending the scum class.

    How do you spell “hypocrite”? This is what you folks hung Louis Butler for doing!

  5. ck
    it looks like paul started the whacking around. maybe they need a new paycheck to keep the hottub running.