Thursday, May 22, 2008

Giving Credit Where It's Due, I Guess

Take a look at this screenshot from the Wisconsin Club For Growth website. WCFG is one of those AstroTurf organizations that keeps the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee in business.

Take a good close look. I'll wait.

Up there in the top left you can see what these Very Serious People think of those that they've elected to represent them in the Lege. Pigs For Rent. That's the level of discourse they've chosen.

Why would any politician, well except for Tom Reynolds, take more than a moment or two to dismiss CFG for the group of petulant children it acts like? Is Scott Walker so starved for attention and affection that he has to give this bunch anything more than a quick brushoff? Let's take a look.
Wisconsin Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity invite you to an old
fashioned taxpayer rally featuring The Honorable Newt Gingrich, Former
Speaker of the House of Representatives & Milwaukee County Executive Scott
Walker as Master of Ceremonies

By golly, he would sink that low. And he dragged the Newt along for ballast to hold him down in that lowly wallowing-pit of self pity. Politicians so desperate for attention that they'll belly up to a cash bar on the worn carpet of the Grand Ballroom of the CSH.

My goodness, the term "Statesman" won't be applied to these hacks anytime soon. Will it.

Do you suppose that Walker is eager to add "Pig For Rent" to his next campaign poster?

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