Monday, May 5, 2008

Whallah! Fever! It's Catching!

Grumps pointed out a fun little piece from Done (I thought it was Don) Pridemore. But I just had to include part of Pridemore's editorial:
Jessica, you have based your rant on press releases and sound bites that are at least two weeks old rather than practicing some real journalism and calling me firsthand about the things I have changed. That’s how the process works.

You may want to include in your pillow talk with Paul a question on the e-mails he sends out. I have a dandy one he sent me if you’d like to read it. The last line reads, “You need real competition in the fall. Let’s see if we can arrange that.” How would you interpret that? Is Paul still upset I endorsed J.B. Van Hollen for attorney general over him? Paul never even asked for my endorsement.

I’m hoping both of you realize you are not helping yourselves or the causes you claim to care about. I’d be happy to sit down with both of you to discuss your concerns. I’ll buy the coffee. I suggest decaf.

Who knew so many people would want to Whallah!? I'm thinking I'll have to take this thing national.


  1. Hmmm...there must be a glitch in the system. My posts keep getting deleted. Odd. What are you afraid of capper? Are you worried you might be the next one to get Whallah!?

  2. No, just adhering to YOUR request.

  3. Yeah, right...I always request for my comments to be deleted.

  4. What's up with fair play? Does he/she have some issues, or what?

  5. Oh there is something going on here... Inquiring minds want to know.