Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Presumptive Proletariat

The Proletariat, whoever he or she is, sure is a good jumper. I base this statement on the way that he or she leaps to some wild conclusions.

Proletariat takes umbrage with this post, and responds with a post of his/her own.

What Prolie misses is that McCain did not offer to show Senator Obama what he sees in Iraq, or offers to persuade, but takes the condescending tone of wanting to "educate" Obama. By being condescending, McCain is taking the elitist position in this matter. Of course, that is probably not too hard for someone with eight houses and millions of dollars.

Prolie also seems to have missed the point that McCain doesn't know what it's like "on the ground" any more than you or I. He was well protected in an area that is strongly controlled by the U.S.

But the real kicker is this:
Capper, living in his liberal elitist glass house, sees elitism simply as an attack on education or more accurately the educated class. Education per se does not make one elitist, the whole notion of an organic intellectual is based on an non elitist educated class. It is the snobbery, disdain, and disconnect that tends to follow that makes one elitist.

First of all, of course I'm an elitist. I am a king, after all. And I do not live in a glass house, but a fine castle. And I certainly understand the importance of education and of treating people like people. After all, I am the King of the Hate Left, and not just some lockstepping conservative.



  1. Good, at least you didn't say I was presumptuous.

    My point was when liberals try to pull the elitist card, they play the fool much more than the king.

    It was clear that the signifier for you was educated. If you are educated you must be elitist, right?

    Now, if McCain made the same comment at a soldier who had just finished 3 tours of duty, then yes that would be elitist. He made that comment of Obama, another comrade of privilege.

  2. It was clear that the signifier for you was educated. If you are educated you must be elitist, right?

    Wrong. It is easy for one to be educated without being an elitist. But to be condescending, especially when one is not in the position of being condescending is not only elitist, but is also the sign of some other serious disorder in thought.