Monday, October 6, 2008

Probably Just A Coincidence

The Kevster shows his thin skin over at his alpha blog for calling yours truly a hater just because I wondered if I could get the same sweet deal on Journal Communications ad space as Kev's cuz.

Oh, Kevin. You should understand that we don't hate you. We'd have to care about you before that. You are just a noisy annoyance on the Milwaukee scene and we enjoy pointing that out to folks.

I did think it was cute, though, that this cartoon was posted next to Kev's at his Beta blog this morning. The post will sink on the front page and the cartoon will change tomorrow. But at least we had the one day of concurrence on Kev's column.


  1. I forgot about his beta blog? Silly me.

  2. You don't miss much of KevMasterKev's stuff there, Cindy. He just cross-posts a pretty good share of it.

  3. Yeah, he sure does have a thin skin for someone who's so fond of throwing out insults at other people.