Friday, December 25, 2009

PaddyMac Prefers Profits Over People

Predictably, PaddyMac bemoans the fact that the Senate passed their version of health care benefits. It's not that he is necessarily against people getting health care benefits, since he doesn't even mention that. It is that the insurance companies won't get to gouge:

Only might I add:

While sensible, ordinary people might see this and quake – because it’s disruptive when key industries are destroyed and, worse, it signals that we think it A-OK for government to go around destroying legal industries – those committed partisans of the left, those complaining that Obamacare doesn’t take us to single-payer, would see this destruction as a feature, not a bug.

Gee, who'd have thunk that maybe it's not nice to put gouge people and then deny their claims anyway, just to increase their own profit.

Nice to see him so full of the Christmas spirit.

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