Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Whatever Happened To Conservative Belief In Indiviual Responsibility?

From Peter Patau, remarking on Vicki McKenna's whining about last week's snow storm:
But here was McKenna complaining about her drive on County M: "I was white-knuckling it all the way, even with 4-wheel drive." Oh, the poor thing. Public officials and their inadequate snowplowing was endangering her life. Whatever happened to the conservative belief in individual responsibility? How about slowing down if there's too much snow and ice? How about taking responsibility to maintain control of your vehicle yourself? Instead, McKenna and her callers were complaining that government wasn't doing enough to help them.

But now the secret is out. Conservatives believe in individual responsibility -- but only until it starts snowing. Then they want the government to bail them out.


  1. Oh, I don't know. It depends on the what time she was driving- during the storm, which you have a point or 10 hours after the storm, which she would have the point. County M is a major highway in Dane County and should have been one of the first highways plowed. When did she drive?
    But yes, she should have slowed down.

  2. LOL...whining or complaining are good ways to describe her demeanor on many topics. I will admit I listened to her for awhile during the 2008 elections...and I will even admit I listened to Rush during that time too...(never listened to Sykes or Bellings)...but I couldn't take much of it. Besides all the whining...I couldn't take all the inciting. I hate the way their followers refuse to think for themselves. They sit around and wait everyday for these radio talk show hosts to come on and tell them how to think. It's crazy in my opinion. What a waste of time...

  3. I thought her point was that she pays very high taxes for a government service she wasn't getting.