Thursday, December 24, 2009

You, Sir, Are No Grumps!

PaddyMac gets really precocious this morning in his piece in the morning's paper:
Look, if it's not the holidays without a Grinch, if Dickens had no carol without Scrooge, then it's no good putting off one's duty to say, "Bah! Humbug!" Besides, what's a conservative columnist for, since we're presumed to be grumps?
All I have to say to Paddy is this: I know grumps. I have blogged with grumps. And you, sir, are no grumps! Grumps is entertaining, insightful and honest. Those are three attributes you can only pretend to have.

Also let it be noted that it appears that in his mewlings, PaddyMac also goes on to be whining about the failure of not having mass transit, capitalism, and environmental issues. Although he would never admit it openly, it is nice to see him admit that the positions he is shilling for are flops.

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