Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tis The Season To Be Banned

A few months ago, someone or someones started doing some sock puppetry, using my name on Badger Blogger. Even though it was shown not to be me, I was blocked from their site. (Meh, no great loss for me.) (Even though they admit that they were having these problems, they have yet to apologize.)

The same thing has been going on around the blogosphere, including at this very site. The most recent victim is Fred Dooley, who accused Mike Mathias and I of doing things completely out of our character. Even when this was pointed out to Dooley, he claimed that "he checked" and confirmed it was us.

Lo and behold, Dooley finally figures he was duped, and apologizes to those whose names who had been used. However, he makes no mention of how he had "checked" and confirmed it was us, which should raise suspicion in anyone's eyes about what statements Dooley makes that might be true and which ones are false.

In all of the hoopla, Zach Wisniewski points out the hypocrisy that Dooley has shown over the years on what he tolerates from the right, but won't take a fraction of from the left. For his troubles, Zach joined a growing list of impressive people by getting banned himself.

And in related news, Charlie Sykes has just started using twitter. I am proud to say that I am one of the first, if not the first person he has blocked from following his account.
That said, I can still read it, so it is nothing more than a minor nuisance. Look for more fun with this.


  1. "Hypocrite."

    Yeah! Capper banned me from all his blogs.

  2. Anon, if you want a good laugh at just how deem Cappy's hypocrisy runs:

  3. Wow, Calvin, you are dense, aren't you?

  4. "Lo and behold, Dooley finally figures he was duped..."

    If you don't mind me was he duped??

  5. I like the fact that none of your responses have the slightest relationship to anything resembling reality. Keep it up; you're making our side's job so much easier.

  6. Keep it up; you're making our side's job so much easier.

    Why didn't you do your job when you had the chance?

  7. Anon,

    There has been a sock puppet that has been impersonating me, Mike Mathias, Keith Schmitz and others going around the Cheddarsphere.

  8. Someone wished my wife would die, Zach chose to make a political attack out of that.

    He is an ass without an ounce of human compassion (as are you capper).

    That's why Zach is gone.

    And I knew that he (and you) would attack me over it.

  9. No, Fred. The reason I brought it up is because you lied. Again. Stop lying and you'll be fine. Unfortunately, it seems to be part of your personality disorder.

  10. fred banned me because he can't handle "Real Debate." He strives for an echo chamber over at his blog.