Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rack 'em Up.

PaddyMac continues his unedifying attack on global climate change, grasping on to whatever he can, even if he has to stretch for it, calling one set of numbers out of the tons of information as using "a magic eight ball."

Illy-T has already put him behind the eight ball.


  1. Well, good for Mr. Mac. We all ought to attack global climate change. That's the only way to solve it.

  2. It looks worse for the "climate scientists" than it does for Paddy.

  3. Only if you're wearing crap-colored glasses.

  4. Whatever, your side are cheating on the science. If it was just the e-mails, then maybe you ould have a point, but it is a lot more than the e-mails. Placing thermometers in the hottest areas instead of neutral areas for starters.
    Just face the facts- you believers lost the arguement, no matter how much you twist and turn and come up false logic.