Thursday, January 7, 2010

Adding Insult To Injury To The Point Of Vulgarity

In an unbelievable show of complete cluelessness, the Milwaukee Diocese and its newly installed Archbishop not only had former Archbishop Weakland and his enabler Archbishop Dolan at the ceremony installing Archbishop Jerome Listecki, but are about to unveil a bronze carving of Weakland as part of the protector of children.

PaddyMac wrote about this event. Appropriately, he condemns having Weakland anywhere near the new Archbishop. Unfortunately, it is not because he condemns what Weakland did, but more in the nature of wishing the whole matter swept under the rug.

Then Paddy takes it one more step over the line with this:
Anyhow, SNAP is hitting new Archbishop Jerome Listecki with this two days after his installation. They complained earlier about him, but to be honest, SNAP blunts its points by complaining about practically anyone in a miter. Listecki by all indications is on board with the diocese’s current approach of calling the cops and taking no chances.
Excuse me? Just where the hell does Paddy get off telling the victims of sexual assault that they should stop trying to hold the Diocese responsible for allowing the outrages that were committed upon them when they were children. Does he lack that much insight? Perhaps he should read the Milwaukee Magazine article of two men who were sexually assaulted by a mother superior. He should be able to find the article an easy read, since it was written by Jessica McBride, of all people.

Sad to say, Paddy's tactlessness is pale in comparison to the idiotic and inexcusable comments made by Charlie Sykes on his show Wednesday morning. Sykes basically came out and said that these survivors of sexual assault should just shut up and go away. And this fool had the nerve to call me insensitive?

Steve Wexler should have a long talk with Sykes, before he gets the station sued again. Better yet, Wexler should try to find someone who isn't so intellectually and morally corrupt to do the show. We already gave a suggestion on who would be infinitely much better for them and for their listeners.


  1. Well, considering Charlie, on his blog, talked about this, I kind of doubt he said this.
    That being said, it is a disgraceful statue/picture. First, Weakland and another current priest to be in the picture is the highest form of narriscism you can get. This is in the league with Obama, the biggest narrcist of all.(yeah cheap shot on Obama, just using him for comparison)
    Second, for Weakland to be with children after the sexual abuse he hid is totally wrong and someone should have said so, including Dolan and the current Archbishop.
    Stupid and it makes me wonder why I am still a Catholic.

  2. Actually Sykes sided with the victims... what is capper talking about here?

  3. Capper: love your stuff, but you've got Sykes' position backwards.

  4. It is interesting that Anonymous 11:04 commented from Journal Broadcasting.

    Sykes has his show on his site. Go and listen to it. I had to listen to it again because I couldn't believe even he would be that stupid.