Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Does Kevin Fischer Lie?

Once again, Fischer, being the insignificant fool that he is, tries to come after yours truly.

As is his want, he lies to make himself look more than he is:
Now Liebenthal is moaning and groaning on his blog because he has to start using his 12 furlough days and wants us to believe that it’s actually costing taxpayers to park his big fat can at home on the counch for awhile. The selfish moron doesn’t understand or care that people who pay his salary are getting terminated.

As a state employee, I must take 16 furlough days imposed by Governor Doyle before the end of this year. I stated on television and on my blog that I welcome this unpaid vacation because others have it much worse, taking pay cuts or pink slips.

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.

Your sixteen days are spread over two years. my twelve in one. Furthermore, the state's furlough days were negotiated, and you fall in line, enjoying the benefits of not having a choice.

Furthermore, the county furloughs are on top of pay cuts and lay offs.

So why does Kevin lie? Well, if he told the truth, all three of his readers would realize that Doyle is a much better leader than Walker. And Barrett would be even better than Doyle and Walker put together.

What old Kevin forgot, was that I am a productive member of society. The only think Kevin produces is nauseating fumes.

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