Saturday, January 30, 2010

They Is It And It Am Them

We noted a few days ago that Jessica McBride is now doing some work* for the Republican front group WPRI.

Unfortunately, she is still working without an editor or proofreader. This is exemplified in the title of her latest post for them:
Does the State Know What Kind of Criminals They Are Sending Back Into Our Neighborhoods?
Singular, plural. Aw, what's the difference, right?

*Divorce attorneys don't come cheap. Don't believe me? Just ask Charlie Sykes.


  1. Ok, being a special ed. teacher and not an English teacher, I don't see the errors. The State is singular as there is only 1 state and everything is plural. What is the problem?

  2. writers don't write the headlines. Editors do.

  3. Dan, the headline has the singular state but refers to it in the plural.


    WPRI is a front group for the Bradley Foundation, an extreme neocon group that has published racist papers as "scientific facts."

    Anonymous, that would be too funny, since I do believe that Sykes is the editor.