Monday, January 11, 2010

Transit Reality Trumps PaddyMac Fantasy

We already know that Patrick McIlheran has a deep dislike for mass transit, especially buses and railways.

We also already know that Patrick McIlheran has a deep love for roads and highways, regardless the cost.

These two strong emotions cause McIlheran to spin, skew, manipulate and even fabricate information in an effort to prove his point and to maintain his warped sense of the world intact.

Unfortunately for McIlheran, reality trumps his fantasy. Case in point, Stevens Point, who is expanding and growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to their advance mass transit system, which also is growing by leaps and bounds.

Meanwhile, here in Milwaukee County, led by another one of McIlheran's passions, Scott Walker, we have seen our transit system dying a slow death of a thousand cuts and higher fees and taxes imposed on bus riders, while our economy remains stagnant.

Why anyone but his pals Charlie Sykes and Dad29 pay any attention to him is beyond my ken.

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