Monday, January 18, 2010

PaddyMac Admits Walker Doesn't Know What He's Doing?

Simply amazing. Even though Paddy more or less admits that even though Walker has been in office for eight years, has a staff of twenty cronies and corporation counsel at his beck and call, he still cannot figure out his job, much less perform it with an iota of competence, Paddy still plays the apologist.

Meanwhile, Walker had sought furloughs in the county budget, exempting the public safety staff. The county board objected. It amended the budget, lowering the number of furlough days, and its amendment omitted any exemption for law enforcement. Walker vetoed that, raising the number of furlough days.

Got that? Because the county board’s amendment didn’t mention the exemption, the exemption’s gone. That isn’t, Walker points out, how vetoes and amendments work in Madison, where he’d been a state legislator. There, if the amendment doesn’t change things, things aren’t changed. The county, it seems, is different, which is why the county’s legal counsel eventually said that, yes, deputies will have to have furloughs.

Walker, with over a million dollars in his war chest, an army of tweeters and blogs under anonymous names, and a newspaper, and he still can't manage not to look bad. Of course, when his supporters include Paddy and Chuckles, it is harder to look good.

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