Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Correctly Reading The Feingold/Johnson Poll

The right wingers are already trying to make hey with the latest poll results from Public Policy Polling. The wingers are misinterpreting the poll to think that Feingold is ahead by only a point or two.

However, the Chief points out a pertinent factoid:
Johnson is largely unknown to voters in the state. 62% have no opinion of him.
Thus, to correctly interpret the poll results, it should be thus:
  • Feingold 45%
  • Anyone but Feingold 27%
  • Johnson 16%
In other words, Johnson is losing to an Feingold and anyone else. And for this, the GOP sold their delegate votes?

1 comment:

  1. Nice try at spinning the numbers. Feingold leads 45-43 over an opponent that 62% of the voters have no opinion of.

    That is sad, for feingold. What is more telling, independents give johnson an almost 10 point leaning while the majority have no opinion of him.

    Wonder what the numbers will look like when opinions are formed of johnson.