Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How Many Mistakes Can You Find?

Look at this tweet by Jill Bader, Scott Walker's campaign mouthpiece:

How many mistakes can you find? I spotted three:
  1. There is no rampant voter fraud in Wisconsin, much less Milwaukee, unless you count the voter fraud that was spurred by false rumors on talk radio.
  2. Even if there was voter fraud, how is Barrett responsible? Is he the one doing the fraudulent voting, or is the talk radio listeners?
  3. Sykes hasn't written a post in ages. What Bader is crediting him for is nothing more than a couple of copy and paste jobs.
But I will give Bader credit for one thing. At least she's not as bad as her boss, who is campaigning from his county office.


  1. There's an easy way to clear up any and all confusion over this but your Governor vetoed it, twice!

  2. Voter discrimination won't cure an imaginary problem.

  3. Your feigned claim of voter discrimination does not trump your acceptance of voter fraud.

    Cognitive dissonance indeed!

  4. Um, scroll up and see what blog you're on.

    But just because Charlie Sykes said that there was voter fraud, does not make it so.