Saturday, June 5, 2010

Harris Goes Beyond The Pale

We already knew that James Harris was a sexist, when he said he owned his daughter.

Harris' sexism and misogyny became more and more focused on Michelle Obama.

But when he refers to the First Lady as a prostitute, that goes beyond the pale.

He is obviously intimidated by beautiful, intelligent women, especially if they are African American.

The man really needs to go to therapy to deal with his own insecurity issues, instead of making a fool of himself like that.

The Chief has more.


  1. That's not what I got from his post. I thought he was asking about the price of the dress and he was wondering what kind of look she was going for. I don't see he was comparing her to a prostitute. Now, maybe you are since you are the one that brought it up.

  2. Really, Dan? Then just what do you think Harris meant by the phrase "garden tool?" You're usually more intellectually honest than this.

  3. Yeah, I see your point, though I had to reread this several times to see your point.