Thursday, June 17, 2010

There Are Worse Things

Our frequent and faithful conservative commenter and critic, Dan from Las Vegas, tells us about a commercial he heard Rush Limbaugh do for an identity protection company. Dan criticized both Limbaugh and the company, Lifelock, for using a dead soldiers identity from Wisconsin who had their identity stolen by some low lifes.

Here's a snippet:
To use a dead soldier for an advertisement for identity theft smacks of being immoral and if they didn't have permission to use the soldier or her mother's name, if find it to be down right disgusting and unethical.
I think the Lifelock commercial is disgusting and it ought to be dropped right away. Lifelock and Limbaugh ought to be ashamed of themselves.
I have to agree with Dan that this is almost as vile as the jerks that used the identity for ill-gotten gain. While what Limbaugh and Lifelock might or might not have been legal, it was definitely tasteless.

But on the bright side, even Limbaugh's poor taste, or even that of the criminals', is not the worst use of a dead soldier that I am aware of. That dubious prize will long be held by Westboro Baptist Church.

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