Friday, July 16, 2010

Drama Queen Harris Living Up To His Reputation

We pointed out last night that The Hip Muser, James T. (T is for tantrum) Harris, had a hissy fit and walked out on Earl Ingram just before he was supposed to go on the air for an interview.

Tim Cuprisin
, at, picked up on the story. Cuprisin points out that Harris had put up a version of his story on his site:
"Earl lost his mind and BASHED the Beautiful Man on his show this afternoon. It was wild. I felt so sad for him. It was a pure emotional anger-filled rant worthy of a liberal. Of course, there is the back story ... But you will have to wait for that. It'll be worth it."
Beautiful Man?! A rather effeminate way to refer to oneself, but it does fit in with the Drama Queen title.

Anywho, Cuprisin expands on the story on how WMCS was not about to allow Harris to use his appearance to promote his own career. Cuprisin also included a sample video of the sort that Harris likes to post of some idiot literally screaming about NAACP, but not making much sense otherwise. (BTW, Mr. Yelling Idiot, the TEA Party does not represent all Americans. Many of us are trying to get our country out of the whole you dug us into, not drive it deeper down.)

To add to the fun, DQ then has another tantrum about Cuprisin reporting that he couldn't get a hold of Harris. How can that be? After all, Harris has an iPhone4. You know, the kind that Consumer Reports wouldn't recommend.

Harris claims that he finally spoke to Cuprisin, and that that article will be up on Monday. I can't wait.

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