Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sykes Should Look After His Own County

Eight years ago, riding on the wave of anger generated by the Ament pension scandal in Milwaukee County, Charlie Sykes and company made a great push to oust Ament and as many of the County Board Supervisors that they could. Unsatisfied with this blood lust, they also pushed to downsize the Milwaukee County Board, saying that 25 supervisors were too many for a county the size of Milwaukee.

The Board members acted proactively and downsized themselves to the current number of 19 seats, before the angry mob could make it lower.

Now we see that the Ozaukee County Board voted to approve a resolution to apologize to the State of Arizona because MATC protested their bigoted immigration policy. Their ignorant vote is bad enough, but the story goes on to mention something really surprising (emphasis mine):
On a 16-5 vote, the board approved a resolution describing the MATC action as "intolerant and divisive" and asking the college's board to reconsider its decision. There are 31 supervisors on the county board. In addition to the five no voters, seven supervisors walked out of the meeting before the vote and three others were absent.
Ozaukee County has a population in the range of 85,000 people or one eleventh of Milwaukee County's 950,000+ people. Despite the drastic difference in populations, the Land of Oz has 12 more supervisors than Milwaukee County.

What should be even more alarming is that a full third of the supervisors in Oz didn't have the fortitude to make a stand one way or the other.

The question is: Why is Sykes, who lives in Ozaukee County, OK with having an excessive number of wimpy supervisors, but hates Milwaukee County's supervisors so much that he would like to see them all gone? Is it because he is bitter from not making it as a county employee? Or is it because his Republican masters are worried that they might defy Walker and make him look even more foolish than he already does?

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