Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sykes: A Liar? Gasp!

From The Brawler:

Amusing. Sykes is ranting and raving about Feingold's "penny pincher" ad. The ad kicks off with Feingold saying he voted against the bank bailout. Sykes says "I'm glad he voted against the bank bailout."

That of course is a big fat lie as Sykes stumped for the passage of TARP and hailed Paul Ryan for voting for it after a protracted Hamlet act.

From Illy-T:
Given the Pythagorean axiom, "minus one times minus one equals one," maybe if Journal Communications, Inc. had both Sykes* and McIlheran talking at the same time, truth might conceivably result.

* "Charlie Sykes" is actually a stand-alone, all-purpose punchline** in certain quarters, which fact is tremendously comical all of itself.

** And is it any wonder
And back to the Brawler:

This seems fairly obvious to anyone who's ever listened to Charlie Sykes. Yet Charlie, who clearly dearly wishes he was a principled and independent thinker like his old man, as opposed to a thrice married guy who preens as a moralist, would have nothing to do with it. The Brawler recalls, quite clearly, Charlie saying on the radio that yes he receives talking point emails. But you know what he does with them? He puts them in the trash!

Humorously, he read an RPW release , virtually in its entirety, today just after 10:25.

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