Friday, July 30, 2010

Rob Paul To Pay Paul

During Friday's show, Jeff Wagner was decrying the news that the reptiles that were seized in an investigation earlier this year has already cost a quarter million dollars to taxpayers just for housing them.

Wagner railed that it was an outrage, an outrage he told us, that the tax payers would have to foot this bill.

His solution: Put them in the zoo.

Would someone please tell Wagner that the zoo is also supported with tax dollars?


  1. a psychologist would find it interesting that after he got routed in his attempt to run the real dept. of justice, he went on the radio and created a fantasy "dept. of justice" to run. he's like a guy who can't get a date, so he buys a life-size inflatable woman.

  2. Is the Milwaukee County Zoo 100% funded with tax payer dolars? Most other zoo's also get money besides taxpayer money.