Thursday, July 1, 2010

That's Not An Easy Feat

Cindy Kilkenny is finding amusement at how Scott Walker's free advertisement crew, aka talk radio, is preparing to jump the shark in their flailing defense of Walker's ineptitude and complete lack of leadership.

However, she cites an accomplishment by Mark Neumann which is not often done:
I’ll be very honest and say that I also hope another mistake like that press release from Neumann never happens again. I’ll also say I’m very impressed Neumann called into the show this afternoon. He made Belling look like an idiot. Oh. Or maybe I should say even more of an idiot. ;)
When you're dealing with someone like Belling, or even Sykes, it's difficult to make them look even more idiotic or foolish than they already do. After all, they are masters at that task.

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