Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Cowardly Belling

Like most conservative bully boys, Mark Belling turns out to be a coward when confronted directly.

Case in point, yesterday, there was a listening session at the West Allis Library regarding the sales tax that would provide dedicated funding for the bus system.

Wauwatosa Alderman Dennis McBride shared an interesting story with the crowd:
Wauwatosa Alderman Dennis McBride, who introduced himself as an original U-Bus rider when he attended UW-Milwaukee, amused the west side crowd with an account of a constituent who had heard “some guy on talk radio named Mark” excoriating McBride’s longstanding support of public transit. When McBride called “Mark” (Belling – a notorious enemy of the Milwaukee bus system), the talk show host’s staff first said their boss was “talking about Alderman McBride,” then when McBride identified himself, announced that Belling had moved on to another subject. While attentive citizens murmured about Belling’s apparent cowardice, McBride added that the resident who called him said “I don’t ride buses,” to which he replied that if the 150,000 people who ride the bus were all driving cars, it would add a great deal of gridlock to the woman’s own use of her car.

But, he added, talk to the legislators present about it – an alderman can’t pass a state law, whereas those who can, “are probably afraid that some guy named Mark” is going to say nasty things about them if they vote for AB 282. Legislators want to know that constituents will stand by them next November if they do vote to pass AB 282 into law. McBride also complimented West Allis on the redevelopment of the 70th Street corridor, insisting that it couldn’t be maintained without good transit connections.

I wonder if our lawmakers would be so afraid of doing the right thing if they realized that people like Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes are nothing more than fakers.

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