Monday, April 5, 2010

Talk Radio Vs. Rail

James Rowen gives us a history lesson on how Milwaukee's talk radio has been anti-Milwaukee by sabotaging rail and mass transit and has sabotaged mass transit every chance it gets. Here's a snippet from James' post:
Though, as always, the Right exempts road building and its tax-supported billions from the perils of Big Government.

But my point today is to provide reminder of the damaging role that talk radio has played in getting us to where we are today - - a one-dimensional, congested, rail-free zone, as I wrote about for Crossroads a couple of years ago - - even though local conservative talk radio hosts en masse hypocritically and predictably jumped on the Zoo Interchange problems and pointed fingers everywhere except at themselves.

And I'm not overstating conservative talk radio influence in SE Wisconsin when it comes to whipping up fears about light rail among core suburban listeners, and in downright panicking office-holders who might stray from the anti-rail template.

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