Friday, April 2, 2010

Reinventing The Whallah!

While I was running around trying to make the best of a bad furlough day, I caught a blurb by Charlie Sykes mentioning something about a group trying to recruit people to monitor the talk radio.

When I was finally able to sit down at my computer tonight, I found this post on Syke's blog with this snippet:

As of this month, the Dem Party’s Communications Committee is kicking off two media initiatives that could have a powerful effect on our success in the upcoming elections, from the local level all the way to the Governor’s office and the U.S. Senate: a Radio Monitoring Team and a Rapid Messaging Team.

The Radio Monitoring Team will be charged with listening to Mark Belling, Charlie Sykes and Jeff Wagner, the trifecta of radical right wing radio in Milwaukee. Each team member will take several listening shifts each week, and will make a brief report on each broadcast. We don’t expect you to call in to these shows. You’ll simply listen and report back so that we and our candidates can stay on top of the latest right wing talking points. Since the times of these shows range from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays, this would be an ideal activity for students, retirees, third shift workers and people who are able to make their own schedules.

Uh, what?

I have two comments regarding the Dems' plan.

One, after three years of doing this, you don't want just anyone doing it. It takes a trained ear and a strong fortitude for people to be able to stomach more than a few minutes of Sykes or the others.

Secondly, Duh! Didn't they ever year of Whallah!

Anywho, at least the link that Sykes provides has been broken, and there is a new thing to greet Sykes' readers, and I must say, they did well on it:

Hey Sykes and Belling Fans

Welcome to the Grassroots Northshore site.

The page you’re looking for is gone.

But now that you are here, you are among your real friends, the people who represent the interests of yourself and your family.

No doubt over the time you have been listening to Mark and Charlie, you have had your emotions needlessly stroked and have been steered in the wrong direction in favor of corporate friendly policies.

As the Boca Rattan GOP memo and Chairman Steele’s little romp at the Los Angeles strip club prove, the GOP cares nothing about your values and you.

Sure, you might not like our latte drinking, New York Times reading, high falutin’ ways, but all of us want what you want — a decent job, a nice house to live in, roads that don’t crumble, and health insurance that doesn’t cut you off just when you need it.

All the GOP, Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling want is for you to look the other way when your jobs are being sent overseas, taxes on the obscenely wealthy are cut so our school and infrastructure goes to hell, we have health coverage that busts our health and our incomes.

Just talk to us, we’d be happy to listen. You know we will be listening to them.

Too bad that this will probably go past most of their heads.


  1. Apparently the Democratic Party of Wisconsin doesn't think us bloggers are doing a good enough job :P

  2. Zach, you all do wonderful jobs. The sad thing is that too many trolls show up at our sites.

    This is an effort to get more people into the act because I am sure you will agree, there are way too many wingers in the Cheddarsphere.

    Of course the problem we all have it we have lives.

  3. I simply prefer to think of it as that we are too intimidating for them, or they believe that they cannot afford our mad skillz.