Monday, April 5, 2010

Those Classy Talk Radio Listeners

Last Friday, we brought to you the story that the Democrats were trying to reinvent the Whallah! by having volunteers listening to talk radio and report their findings, if they survived the mission that is.

Milwaukee NewsBuzz has picked up on the story and carried it farther. They interviewed Sachin Chheda, head of the Milwaukee County Democratic Party, who shared a lovely email from one of talk radio's listeners:

The party received a few e-mails of interest from suspected Republican moles after the broadcasts, according to Chheda, and at least one threatening e-mail:

“You useless scum-sucking liberal. How dare you start a movement to try to silence freedom of speech. Without talk radio you wack [sic] jobs would have this country in worse condition than that a-hole in the White House has it now.

“You people really need to get a life. If you consider talk radio damaging (to) your liberal views, you are nuts. If being a lefty (is) so great it would be stronger and scum like you wouldn’t have any problems. Freedom of speech, love it, live it. If you don’t like it MOVE THE F*** OUT OF THIS COUNRTY. There is planes leaving every hour on the hour I’ll buy the tickets to get communist [sic] like you out of this country.”

It was signed “Hitman 43.”

And then they wonder why they get marginalized.

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  1. The sad part about this rhetoric is that these losers think they are on the same level as Hitler