Sunday, April 11, 2010

Get Bucky Off of WTMJ!

It was recently announced that the University of Wisconsin will be dropping all contractual relations with Nike due to Nike's ongoing problems with sweatshops and generally treating their employees like dirt.

Jake, at Jakes' Economic TA's Funhouse, wants UW take it even further with their spring cleaning. He suggests that UW end their relationship with WTMJ 620 AM as well:
In addition, WTMJ constantly denigrates this great unviersity on their airwaves. Daily shows hosted by people such as Charles Sykes and Jeff Wagner mock the unviersity's culture and academic a`cheivements. Those of us that love this university and all that it is associated with are insulted when we hear a Charles Sykes promo in the middle of our Badger games, and do not need to hear those loudmouths disrupt our enjoyment of listeneing to Badger games.

Sykes and Wagner also act as a favorable front group for politicans such as Scott Walker and Glenn Grothmann, who are in favor of drastically cutting state funding to the university, which drives up to tuition to unaffordable levels for many Wisconsinites and Badger fans. TMJ talk show hosts are also are heavily associated with the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI), an institution that threatened the UW's commitment to fair and quality research by signing a contract with faculty member Ken Goldstein. WPRI further sullied the UW's reputation when Goldstein had to back out of the contract because WPRI was manipulating the results of his research to fit their anti-UW and public services agenda. This great unviersity does not need to be associated with a station that uses itself as a platform to constantly knock down the UW.
And if they needed something to fill that missing airtime, we already gave them a fine suggestion that they could start on a part-time basis: Xoff on WTMJ!


  1. And I'm adding the P.S. of my post to reiterate it here. Journal Broadcast group has already given nearly $15,000 to the Walker for Governor campaign. So much for independent and ethical reporting, huh?

  2. It appears that the money from Journal Broadcast is a refund for ads that never were run.

  3. The $15,000 is peanuts compared with the hours of free promotional air time the station gives GOP candidates.

    (And, no, I'm not after Charlie's job. He has to get up too early in the morning.)