Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walker Should Make Belling His Spokesman

The pseudo-Team Walker thinks that Mark Belling is just wonderful because he spent not one, but two days whining about Mark Newmann for being more environmentally conscientious than the average conservative.

Apparently, Belling, and pseudo-Team Walker feels Neumann isn't sufficiently "profits-before-people" for them.

That's fine. In fact, that is splendid. I think Walker should make Belling his spokesperson.

Then they can also explain why such a rabid Walker backer is also racist and a misogynist. Perhaps they are commonly shared traits?


  1. Belling spokesmn for Walker. Ok. And who would be the the spokesman for Barrett? Barney the Dinosauer?

  2. Dan- Dems would have to buy up and plant people on stations like the Wisconsin GOP does with TMJ and ISN. The Dems are still clinging to the quaint idea of winning people over on thought and decency instead of cynical propaganda.

    Best Barrett spokesman- Art Kumbalek. And that type of message with a Schlitz and a smile will be all they will need.