Saturday, May 22, 2010

But It Looked Good On Paper

Charlie Sykes has spent weeks going on and on and on about the racial profiling law passed in Arizona. The meme has been the usual "but they didn't read it" line of garbage.

Like when you look at the roster of a sports team, what looks good on paper, and those in charge say that it is good, the reality is often very different.

To find out how the law is really working, you need to talk to those that actually have to enforce it. All of a sudden, you might find that the law isn't what it would seem to be:

Today, Cuentame — a project of Brave New Films — posted a video interview with Phoenix police officer Paul Dobson’s reaction to Arizona’s new immigration law, SB-1070. Though the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (the union representing Phoenix officers) “lobbied aggressively for the law,” not all of its members think it’s a good idea. In Cuentame’s video, Dobson expresses his own opposition to the law and how he believes it will affect his ability to fulfill his duties:

This [SB-1070] law will make me feel like a Nazi out there. [...] How I feel about SB-1070 is I have a great deal of contempt for it, I am very emotional about it. This law is pure and simple a racist law. It is focused on Latinos. I would not be able to show any discretion whatsoever under SB-1070. I am required to arrest that person and take them to jail. As a law enforcement officer I am required to serve and protect. Under SB-1070, I know that people will not call officers in case of a real emergency. [...] It violates our calling to serve and protect.

Of course, a police state for anyone who is not an older, white conservative is one of the main planks of any good conservative's platform, even if they were against it before they were for it.


  1. Gee, 1 cop out of how many?
    A police state? Arizona? Please, get serious.

  2. Follow the link, sunshine, and you would have seen that he is just one of many.

    Thanks for making us feeling smarter already.

  3. Yes, i followed the link and still there is one cop who is a nut case (Dobson, who I would worry about him being a cop)and maybe a few others.
    Fact is this non-racial profiling AZ and federal law is supported by the people of AZ. and a lot more people in the country. And the truth is that we have the same policy here in Vegas with the Fed's support.

  4. That only proves my point. It looks good on paper, and the authors make it seem nice, but it is the people that actually have to make it work that shows it doesn't.

  5. Again, capper, like I said, here in Vegas, we have deported almost 2000 people using the virtually same techniques as in AZ. Very little outrage here and the cops love the cooperation between Metro and ICE. The only ones complaining are the usual suspects- illegals and the ACLU.