Monday, May 24, 2010

A Real Conviction Candidate

Leading up to this past weekend's Republicanfest, Charlie Sykes was already touting the wonderfulness of Ron Johnson, the millionaire out of Oshkosh who thinks that the US Senate seat held by Russ Feingold is something that can be bought, like a can of tuna or something.

Johnson, a teabagger through and through, was described by Sykes as a "conviction candidate." Today, Sykes was calling him a new face and symbolic of the new direction that Americans supposedly wants to go.

Sounds pretty rosy, right? But then there is this:

Mmm. Megarich, cranky, old white guy that will stop at nothing to win a race, even something as stupid as ripping down an opponent's campaign sign.

Sounds like a typical Republican to me.

Congratulations goes to Senator Feingold for winning another re-election.


  1. "Megarich, cranky, old white guy" Like Herb Kohl or Russ Feingold?

    BTW, You forgot to mention that this was the end of the convention, note all the people leaving, and Mr. Johnson was helping cut costs by helping take down posters.

  2. Get a life...there are hundreds of signs up at the convention. He was shaking hands with folks and didn't want his competition's sign in the background. Who is the video stalker who taped this anyway. Wall staffer maybe??? Who cares....I mean really you Dem's are going to have to do better than this....

  3. OK, TerryN, I gotta admit, that was kind of funny.

    Anonymous, I suppose you think Fox News is liberal too? They made a big deal out of it as well.

  4. Funny, sounds like Herb Kohl to me.

  5. Even when I'm trying to be funny I'm only kind of funny?