Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lies Woodhouse Strikes Again

A faithful reader reminded me of yet another lie that Lies Woodhouse, aka Charlie Sykes, has been ranting on about. This particular lie was that Harley Davidson was having its problems due to the combined reporting tax law.

He would constantly try to blame Tom Barrett, the Mayor of Milwaukee, for this state law and would say that Barrett would not lift a finger to do anything about it.

Again, Sykes lies:

At a news conference in his City Hall office, Barrett, the likely Democratic nominee for governor, said he and his staff had talked to senior Harley executives, contacted Harley union leaders and discussed the issue with outgoing Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle and his aides.

In talks with Harley's top managers, however, Barrett said, "They have made it clear to us that they do not want this issue politicized." The executives did not ask about tax incentives to stay in Wisconsin, nor did they offer criticisms of the state's combined reporting tax rules, he said.

Instead, the Harley management team wants to work through the issue with employee unions, and Barrett called on management and labor to work together to keep the plants open.

Even Scott Walker throws his mouthpiece under the bus, again:
In a separate interview, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker partly agreed, saying, "Having talked with officials, it is pretty clear what they need right now is support, public support, so they can work on some of their internal costs."
How anyone can believe this pathological liar, who would lie to even his own family, is beyond me.


  1. It's simply a matter of context.

  2. Context works for one time events. This is a full blown pattern. The man has no conscience.