Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who's Behind "Voter Fraud"?

No, it's not ACORN. Mostly because they are no longer around.

But a story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which tells of a couple facing charges of voter fraud, we find the real culprits (emphasis ours):

But when he did the same thing in 2008, he said, there was no indication that he and his wife had voted absentee.

Owing to the steady chatter on talk radio about voter fraud that day, he said, they assumed the worst.

"We were convinced we had been disenfranchised," he said. "There was supposed to be a check-off" for their absentee ballots.

But didn't he know they had mailed their absentee ballots about a week earlier?

"At that moment I was convinced I had not been counted, that my vote was gone."

And so when the poll worker handed them each regular ballots, they cast them.

We fully expect that Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to fully investigate and throw the book at Charlie Sykes, Jeff Wagner and Mark Belling. After all, he wouldn't want to be considered a political hack that would do something like take money in exchange for, oh, let's say, wanting to sue the federal government over health care reform, would he?


  1. Milwaukee police report on the 2004 election. 5000 more votes then registered voters. Some of this was ineptness and some of this was fraud. We would work to correct this if not for the fact that the inept want us to think there was no fraud.

    As one vote I believe one inept poll worker or one fraudulent voter is reason enough to take necessary precautions, like requiring a photo ID to eliminate the fraud.

  2. The report you refer to was never signed by those that wrote it, nor was it authorized by the police department.

    It wasn't a valid report, and when examined, it held no reliable facts in it anyway, which explains why it was neither signed nor authorized.

    But that does put an idea about it in my mind on just who may have been behind this thing.

  3. Further evidence of systemic fraud in the system. And you're not against is...

  4. Of course, we're against voter fraud. I say we ban talk radio right now!