Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Teabagger's Happiest/Saddest Occassion

So the people in Hawaii elected their first Republican Senator in a long, long time.

Now the poor teabaggers don't know if they should cheer that a Republican won in President Obama's home state or if they should bitterly cling onto their birther conspiracy theory.

I imagine that Tom McMahon will find a way to do both.


  1. I don't think anyone doubts that Obama never lived in Hawaii, which makes it his home state. You ceretainly made me feel smarter today.
    Now, how do you explain his CT. social security card?

  2. You better look up the birther conspiracy. Everyone that follows that thinks he was born in Africa or something.

  3. Again capper, you said Obama's home state is Hawaii and it is. Just like Wisconsin is my home state, though I may not have been born there. (I'm adopted so who knows where I was born)

  4. Well, then I guess you don't qualify to be a teabagger, since they can't figure out that Obama was born there, even with a birth certificate and a court ruling.