Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie Sykes, The Cowardly Lion Liar

In case you were lucky enough to miss it on Thursday morning, Charlie Sykes spent at least the first hour or so of his radio trying to show that he really isn't a sniveling coward.

He told of how he bravely put on a suit, with a blue tie even, and drove out to the Capitol Building.

Of course, once there, he goes straight to Koch Brother Media, aka MacGuyver Institute, and got a camera man to walk him across the busy street.

Sykes then shares how heroic he was by walking up to the door and going inside!  No word if it was one of the public doors or through one of the tunnels that Walker uses so smuggle in supporters.

He then shares how he disappointed he was that none of the protesters ran up and started yelling at him.  What a champion!  Of course, his self-imposed mission was made all the easier since he went after the Weasel King, Scott Walker, locked the People's House up to keep it away from the people and the working stiffs that have appeared at the Capitol for every day without incident.

The best part though comes after he is let inside.

He actually admits to going up to some of the protesters with the sole purpose of trying to instigate an incident.  The protesters not only refuse to rise to his adolescent taunts, but don't even know or care who is is.

It's nice to see that he is getting exactly the respect he deserves: none.

I hear for his next act of bravado, Sykes is going to host a panel of ultra-conservatives in front of a group of other ultra-conservatives.  And he'll do it without a net!

Gee, what a hero he his own mind.

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  1. I'd say your average Wisconsinite who doesn't live within range of that radio station, doesn't know who Charlie Sykes is, and wouldn't recognize him. Sorry, Charlie.