Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prosser's Problem Identified

On Friday, there was a debate between David Prosser and JoAnne Kloppenburg, the two candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Prosser attacked his opponent by trying to label her with vague titles and offering no reasoning for his name-calling (emphasis mine):
Justice David Prosser went on the attack in a debate Friday, calling his campaign opponent an ideologue trying to mask her true sentiments. 
Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg said Prosser was mischaracterizing her and she had never allowed personal views to color her approach to cases in two decades at the Department of Justice. 
Prosser said Kloppenburg held "extreme political and social views" but did not specify what they were. 
"She's trying to camouflage her views and not level with the people of Wisconsin," Prosser said. 
"She is an unbending ideologue. And I wouldn't say that if I hadn't heard that multiple times."
Now, let's first see if his accusations are accurate.  Here is Kloppenburg's campaign commercial:

Doesn't seem so extreme to me. If anything, she could be described as rather centrist.

So why would make these wild and baseless accusations? Besides the fact that he is probably not polling very well right now, thanks to his close association with Scott Walker, that is.

Prosser gives us the answer in the part cited above.  It's obvious he listens to too much talk radio and is no longer able to be objective or honest.  Not a good thing for a Supreme Court Justice candidate to have problems with.

That alone should show why Kloppenburg is the much better choice.

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  1. Wow, a political advertisement sways your opinion?
    Man, you are sure easy to please.