Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Ultimate Campaign Event

Here's an idea for a great Republican campaign event.

Make it a joint event between state Senator Randy "Bed" Hopper, who will be defending his seat in a recall election (if he's not in legal trouble for not living in his district) and Justice David "Blue Law" Prosser, the WMC candidate for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

Special guest would be Newt Gingrich.

The host would have to be of course, Charlie "Liz Woodhouse" Sykes.

And it would all be sponsored by the Koch subsidiary "Grandsons of Taking Liberties."

Even I'd pack a lunch for that Rumble Royale.


  1. After the event concludes everyone will head down to Bay Beach to shoot of firecrackers!!

  2. Charlie is what Lawrence O'Donnell would call a serial polygamist.

  3. now that it's been revealed that chris abele engaged in the illegal use of fireworks, this event will feature charlie and liz' endorsements.