Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sykes Condemns Catholics' And His Own Behavior

Last Friday, Jeff Wagner started whining about people exercising their rights in a free market society by opting not to spend their hard earned cash on stores that don't support their personal values.

On Monday morning, Sykes continued the tirade, bemoaning "union thug tactics," by which he meant those union members that they don't appreciate their anti-Wisconsin attitudes.

Gee, it's almost like the squawkers are trying to pick which businesses are winners and which are losers. And we know how bad that is, because they kept telling us that until Scott Walker started doing the very same thing.

But the burning question is, when will Sykes apologize for teaming up with the Catholics and using the same "thug tactics" that he condemned today.


  1. Is Sykes a member of AFTRA which is a affillate of AFL-CIO? 57 Unions have the AFL-CIO Label and only one has members that are attacking Unions. Dean Little

  2. Boycotts are usually stupid because they hurt innocent workers who have nothing to do with the politics that involved them.
    The only businesses I boycott are ones who give horrible customer service. None for political reasons.

  3. These boycotts will work for Wisconsin workers -- because we are not buying less overall but are replacing some Wisconsin products with other Wisconsin products (brats, cheese, etc.) or even replacing Koch Bros.' paper products from elsewhere with Wisconsin paper products.

  4. It could be the "thug tactics" he's "bemoaning" are the acts of vandalism against private property. And the Death Threats against Wisconsin legislators.