Monday, March 28, 2011

Reading Between The Tweets

It appears that there is some love lost in Wingnut Land:

Most people read that as that Charlie Sykes thinks Jeff Stone is dead in the water.  And that's a likely scenario. Stone did himself no great favors by aligning himself hip-to-hip with Scott Walker.  Walker did lose Milwaukee County in November on a 68-32 margin, and that's when Walker had popularity. Stone then continued to bury himself by playing along with Walker's attack on the working people of this state and introducing a bill to keep poor people, minorities and college students from voting.

That's not exactly the prescribed formula on how to win friends and influence people.

But there also may be another explanation for Sykes' tweet.

He could be pining away for his friend, who would rather hang around with ex-cons than with Sykes.  Can't say that I blame Stone for that one either.

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